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I got my pigs when I had my first farm. I was a chicken farmer after I retired from the Navy. I had about 500 birds and would sell 150 dozen eggs a week to health food stores and the local ShopRite. I also completed a nine-month Organic Framing apprenticeship with Penn State at The Seed Farm in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. I first purchased the pigs because I wanted to begin to produce my own meat. The pigs are KuneKune pigs a rare breed from New Zealand. They are a threatened status breed of heritage lard pigs. I also liked the idea of helping to stop the species from becoming extinct. I started with four pigs 3 for breeding and one to eat. When my first farm didn't work out I didn't give up on my dreams of farming. I just changed how I did it. I started renting land and moved the pigs here with me. I have kept the pigs all throughout culinary school. I would say I have been farming pigs for about 4 years now. The pigs are about the size of large dogs when fully grown and weigh between 150-350 pounds fully grown making them miniature pigs. Any pig under 400 pounds is considered miniature. I usually harvest them at 18 months old or 150 pounds a typical age for heritage pigs. Modern pigs would be harvested at 6 months old and around 200-250 pounds. I find that the slower growing time produces much more flavorful rich dark meat.

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