Fat Apple Farm

Fat Apple Farm joined Farms2Tables this year as a sustainable livestock provider, bringing their focus on raising heritage and unique breeds on pasture to our customers. They raise cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and ducks, with a focus on pigs. Fat Apple Farm raises a unique cross of Gloucester Old Spots and Idaho Pasture Pigs that creates a delicious and high quality product.

The pork chops and bacon are of particular note — the cross between the two breeds produces pork that is neither too lean nor too fat. The long bodies of the Gloucester Old Spots yield great slabs of bacon and the IPPs orientation towards pasture and sylvan grazing expands the flavor of the meat. Order one of their sample pork chop packages and see for yourself!

And if you want more than just retail cuts, Fat Apple Farm can provide whole or half pigs for nose to tail butchering and food preparation.

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