Hawthorne Valley Ferments has a new look

Hawthorne Valley is excited to announce a new label roll-out for all of the fermented products.

The new design is reminiscent of the old labels, maintaining the colorful, eye catching jars while adding new key elements around gut health, and our connection to regenerative farming. You’ll notice a female farmer on the tractor, a nod to the women farmers that have contributed to Hawthorne Valley’s success since its founding in 1972.

As you may have noticed we have moved to a wider mouth jar for speed of packing, fitting more product into the jar and ease of getting product out of the jar and onto the consumer’s plate!

There will be a transition period to the new labels. We expect to be completely switched over by the end of May for all sauerkraut and fermented vegetables. Our kraut juice, kvass and hot sauce labels are being sent to print early May and you will see that transition by late June.

We’re excited for the year to come as we focus on growth. The combination of our new high-speed production line and refreshed brand puts us in the perfect spot to take on new retailers and re-engage with our loyal customers. Your help will be a critical component, and is greatly appreciated.

For further questions, comments or concerns please email our Marketing Director, Laura Webster at

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