Radishes, Flowers, and Greens!

It's hard not to get super excited this time of year when the greens start becoming available. We've also got some beautiful edible flowers and radishes this week too!

From Heermance Farm, Tivoli, NY

Asian Cabbage, Tokyo Bikanna - $2.75/bun

Asian Greens, Hon Tsai Tai - $2.75/bun

Asian Mild, Ovation Blend - $4/lb

Edible Flower Blend - $5.25/box

Edible Flowers, Calendula - $0.35/ea

Edible Flowers, Nasturtium - $0.1/ea

Greens, Gemstone - $2/lb

Greens, Radish - $3/lb

Mustard, Amara - $1.75/bun

Oxalis, Wood Sorrel - $5/pt

Radish, Sora - $2.4/bun

Radish. Baccus - $2.4/bun

Radishes, French Breakfast - $2.25/bun

Shungiko, Chinese Chrysanthemums - $3.5/lb

Sorrel, Red Vein - $0.65/oz

Spinach, Compact Leaf - $0.25/oz

From Poughkeepsie Farm Project, Poughkeepsie NY

Arugula, Baby (3lbs) - $28/cs

Arugula, Baby (8lbs) - $50/box

Baby Kale Blend (3lbs) - $30/bag

Baby Kale Blend (8lb) - $50/bag

Baby Kale Blend (8lbs) - $50/bag

Kale, Green Winter (12 bunches) - $30/box

Kale, Mixed Winter (8lb) - $30/cs

Mustard Mix, Baby (3lbs) - $30/bag

Mustard Mix, Baby (8lb) - $50/box

Mustard Mix, Baby (8lbs) - $50/box

Parsnip, Spring Dug (12lb) - $28/bag

Parsnip, Spring Dug (25lb) - $48/bag

Potato, Peter Wilcox (20lb) - $30/box

Radish, Black Spanish (12lbs) - $24/box

Radish, Black Spanish (25lb) - $20/box

Radish, Cherry Belle (15bu) - $30/cs

Radish, Daikon Purple (12lb) - $24/bag

Radish, Daikon Purple (25lbs) - $35/box

From Obercreek Farm, Wappingers Falls, NY

Mustard Mix, Baby (1lb ) - $11/bag

Mustard Mix, Baby (20x5oz Clamshells) - $80/cs

Mustard Mix, Baby (3lb) - $31.5/bag

Radish, Tapa Cherry Belle (30ct) - $9.99/cs

Spinach (3lb Case) - $30/cs

Spinach, Baby (20 x 5oz Clamshells) - $80/cs

Spinach, Bunches (12ct) - $26.4/bag

Spinach, Large Leaf Cooking 10lb - $75/bag

Spring Mix, Baby (1lb) - $11/bag

Spring Mix, Baby (20x5oz Clamshells) - $80/bag

Spring Mix, Baby (3lb) - $31.5/cs

Winter Salad Mix, Baby (3lbs) - $31.5/cs

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