Spring is finally here

Our friends at Poughkeepsie Farm Project (PFP) are pulling us out of the doldrums of winter with the first offerings of greens, along with one of my personal favorites, the spring dug parsnip. PFP is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) and has been since 2008. CNG is a program that certifies farms as using environmentally sustainable growing practices. CNG standards are based on the USDA National Organic Program and prohibit farms from using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones or genetically modified organisms. Certifications are based on peer-to-peer inspections, meaning that inspections are carried out by other farmers. For more information, visit

Check out all this weeks offerings from Poughkeepsie Farm Project:

Chard, Rainbow (12 bunches) - $30/box

Chard, Rainbow (8lbs) - $30/box

Kale, Green Winter (12 bunches) - $30/box

Kale, Mixed Winter (8lb) - $30/cs

Mesclun (3lbs) - $28/cs

Mesclun (8lbs) - $65/cs

Parsnip, Spring Dug (12lb Bag) - $28/bag

Potato, Gold (20lbs) - $30/box

Potato, Gold (40lb Case) - $40/cs

Potato, Peter Wilcox (20lb) - $30/box

Potato, Red (20lb Bag) - $30/bag

Potatoes, Purple Fingerling (20lbs) - $35/bag

Radish, Black Spanish (12lbs) - $24/box

Radish, Black Spanish (25lb) - $35/box

Radish, Daikon Purple (12lb) - $24/bag

Radish, Daikon Purple (25lbs) - $35/box

Radish, Watermelon (12lb) - $28/bag

Spinach (3lb Bag) - $30/bag

Spinach, Red Kitten (3lbs) - $33/bag

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