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Seller Guidelines

1. Posting and Updating Items - Before posting new items, always check your inactive items (use the filter on the top left corner of the screen to view these). Please do not post duplicate items. If updating an existing item, please remember that all changes go into effect immediately except for the price, which updates at midnight. It is suggested to take time at the beginning of the growing season to review your existing items and update prices early before you are ready to list availability. When updating an existing item, you should only update the price, photo, description. You should not change the name of the item. If the item name does not match what you need, then you can create a new item. When posting new items, please be sure to include as much information as possible. For the item name, please do not use colorful adjectives (i.e. don't list item as "Amazing green bell peppers". Also, be sure the item is listed with the primary product name first and descriptive words after (i.e Don't list "Green Bell Peppers", instead list "Peppers, Bell, Green". Be sure to choose the most appropriate category for your item (i.e. do not put meat cuts in specialty, they should go in either frozen or fresh proteins, however for salami, that would go under charcuterie).

2. Maintaining Inventory - Updating and maintaining accurate inventory offerings is crucial. If you no longer have an item available, you must zero out the inventory immediately to take it off of the market for sale. If you list an item for sale but do not have it available, please decline the item as soon as possible to allow for the buyer to order that item from another seller. Please remember that sellers who decline tom any orders may be subject to a fee or termination of our service. Please review our Terms & Agreements for information.

3. Accepting/declining Orders - Orders must be accepted or declined no later than noon on the day of pickup. If you need to decline an order, please do it as soon as possible so that the buyer has as much notice that the item is not coming. Please remember that sellers who decline tom any orders may be subject to a fee or termination of our service. Please review our Terms & Agreements for information.

4. Product Packaging - Due to the large variety of products that can be offered, we do not have very specific packaging requirements . We ask that packaging be "item and transport appropriate". Please do not put eggs in bags - they will break. Please do not put small items in large boxes - we do not have unlimited space. Please do not put too much weight in boxes that cannot handle that amount of weight - the bottoms will fall out in transport causing damage to the goods and extra work for us. Please put wet items in waxed boxes or in cardboard boxes with plastic liners. If reusing a box, all previously written names/barcodes must be blacked out to avoid confusion for our drivers. Glass and fragile items must be secure in their boxes.

5. Barcodes - a barcode label must be attached to every single package. Our entire transportation logistics system is based on the barcode and packages not barcoded will likely me misplaced in transit. Barcodes should be placed on the short side of the package (never on the top, and not on the long side pease) and in the upright direction for the packaging. Every package must have a unique barcode. Do not print multiples of the same barcode for an order. Packages that do not have a barcode for transport may be charged a fee. Please review our Terms & Agreements for information on our fees. If you are having trouble with your printer, please review our printer troubleshooting page

6. Requesting More Labels - We provide labels for your barcode printer. Please print and complete this label request form and leave it with your pick up so that our driver will leave you more labels. Please be sure to request more labels before you run out of labels. Our suggestion is to print several of these forms and leave them with your printer so as soon as you see your printer roll getting low you can complete the form and leave it for the driver. If you run out of labels and need to print barcodes for that days pick up, the barcodes should be printed on regular paper and taped to the packages.


7. Product Pickup Time and Location - Products must be ready for pick on the scheduled pick up day (the day before the delivery date) and by the time determined when your account was established (this varies by location due to truck routes). The product should always be in the same location for pick up, and the entire days pick up should be placed together - not in multiple places. Only that days pick up should be in the pick up location - if you have future orders ready for pick up, they must be separated from that days pick ups. Perishable items must be pre-cooled and stored in a refrigerated environment prior to pick up. Please be sure the pick up instructions in your profile are up to date and thorough.

8. Featured items - if you would like to highlight any items in our featured section, please email contact@farms2tables.com with your request for the following week. If you are requesting multiple items, please list them in preference order. All featured items must have accurate photos and description. Please do not request to feature an item if it does not have an accurate photo and description.

9. When and where we deliver - Please visit here to see a map of our coverage areas. We do not go everywhere every day, so it is important that orders be ready for pick up on the scheduled pick up day. We cannot pick up orders late and deliver a later day.

10. Customer referrals - If you have customers inquiring about getting your products through our service, please direct them to download the app or sign up on our website or  direct them to danielle@farms2tables.com

11. Instagram takeover - We offer a weekly instagram takeover to the sellers on our service. Please email contact@farms2tables.com to request a week on our instagram takeover for @farms2tables.com

11. Printer Troubleshooting - Please check out our printer trouble shooting page

12. Fees - Review our Terms & Agreements for information on our fees.